PARLIAMENTRY DEBATE FOLLOWING SIMON KING’S PETITION TO END THE BADGER CULL – Thanks to everyone who signed Simon King’s petition to Parliament.  The petition closed on 25 February and reached over 108,000 signatures and the issue was debated in Parliament on Monday 27 March 2017.  If you missed watching it live, you can catch up on Parliament.TV.

GOVERNMENT CONSULTATION ON CONTINUATION OF BADGER CULLING – The closing date for responses was 10 February 2017.  Many individuals and groups, including our’s responded.  You can read the SABC response here.

On 16 December 2016, the Government finally published the numbers of badgers killed in the 2016 badger cull.  Sadly, 217 badgers were killed in Somerset.  Appallingly a nationwide total of 10,866 badgers were killed meaning that more badgers were killed this year than in all the previous three years put together.

On top of this, the Government is now seeking to continue badger culling in West Somerset now that the original four year licence has ended.  Whilst this is no surprise to us, it’s not good news nonetheless.

With further roll out in 2017 we need even more people to get involved to help us fight this policy that will do very little, if anything, to help control the incidence of Bovine Tuberculosis.  Unfortunately, we have a Government that is willing to sacrifice our wildlife in the interests of satisfying a vocal minority who have no intention of giving any room to wildlife.  Our badger population deserves to be celebrated; many people derive immense please from catching sight of badgers going about their own business.  And we will not allow this Government to decimate their numbers in the interests of political expediency.  We are out and about looking after Somerset’s remaining badgers and come the New Year, we will be actively recruiting more people to join the fight to save Britain’s wildlife.

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