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BREAKING NEWS!! The 2020 badger cull has started. 


Many of you know that an anonymous author living in a new culling zone within Somerset wrote a blog throughout the six weeks of the 2020 badger cull, recording their thoughts, feelings and experiences.

The blog proved hugely popular and is still available to read.

Now another author living in a cull zone has written a short two-part blog. They’ve titled the blog ‘The Badger Cull: Love and Pain’.

It describes why the author hates the badger cull. What they hate about the cull and how it has changed them as a person.

It’s one person’s honest opinion, and we’re sure many of you will relate to that.

Part 2 is below. You can read Part 1 here.

Thanks go to Sam Cannon Art for her kind permission to use her artwork. Please note that Sam is not the blog author. Visit to view more of Sam’s beautiful artwork.

The Badger Cull: Love and Pain

Part 2

The countryside now seems sinister.  I see vehicle tracks and think the worst.  I look at every 4×4 truck and Landrover that I pass and wonder if it is full of shooters going out to ply their murderous trade.

There is a farm I pass on the way to work that has three shooters registered there.  From the car, I shout at the top of my voice as I pass.  They will never hear me and they will never know and it makes no difference, but I have to do it all the same.  I hate that the cull has made me like this.

I saw a woman’s name on the leaked documents from the cull-companies’ website.  She is listed as ‘sett survey only’.  She does surveys as I do, but instead of enjoying nature and being pleased to see well-used tracks and active holes, she reports back, knowing that she is condemning innocent badgers to death.  She has blood on her hands as much as the shooters.

And all this for what?  So we can enjoy milk from another species, which we don’t need and was never meant for us.  I now use oat milk and do not miss dairy milk at all.  Ice cream, yoghurts, butter – there are very good plant-based alternatives.  If we stop buying dairy, there would be no need to have a cull.

Since writing this, the cull in my immediate neighbourhood is over but sadly in ten other zones, the supplementary culls will continue until the 31 January 2021.

Today, I walked in the woods and breathed in deeply the smell of winter with a hint of spring in the air. It made me think of death and decay and birth and renewal.  I shed a tear for the innocent badgers that will never again frolic in the autumn leaves, will never see another solstice and will never greet the sun again as it rises over the horizon.  A good friend has told me that she is trying not to let the horrors of the cull impact on her enjoyment of the countryside, and I will try to take a leaf out of her book.

But there are some positives from all this. Badgers have worked their way into my heart and I can’t take a walk without looking for their signs. I have learnt a lot about their behaviour and their ways. I have made many good friends and know that there are others who feel as I do.  So thank you to all the sabs, sett monitors and badger groups – to everyone who has been and is still involved in stopping the slaughter of innocent animals.