Last Updated on 29 September 2020 by Badger

BREAKING NEWS!! The 2020 badger cull has started. 


Throughout the period of the 2020 6-week badger cull which starts on 1 September, we’ll be running a blog, documenting our thoughts, feelings and experiences.

As the blog fills up, you can read older posts by hovering over the ‘blog’ menu tab or by clicking here.

The countdown below shows how long we believe the cull in Somerset has left to run.

The blog author has no idea what will happen in the next six weeks but sharing their story will, they hope, give everyone a taste of what it’s like for both badgers and people to live on the front line.


Yesterday started badly when my partner noticed our badger latrine held a nasty surprise.

Normally it’s easy to see whether they’ve been eating beetles or worms but, for the first time ever, it contained, a large amount of maize.  And there’s no maize fields or allotments anywhere near us.

None of our neighbours grows maize.

Had a cull operative put maize or cobs down as bait instead of peanuts?  My partner rushed off in double-quick time to check all five of the setts closest to us and the land around them.

All over the country, people check latrines for tell-tale signs of culling activity.  Latrines full of peanuts are a give-away.  And, for us, maize.

Time passed slowly but the news, for us, was eventually good.  No bait points anywhere near the setts and no signs of cobs or maize stuffed down the holes.  Walking often clears the mind and on the way back, my partner remembered that not far away there’d been an outdoor barbecue so maybe some corn on the cob had been left and our badgers had had a very tasty snack on the way to our garden.   What a relief!

But who’d have guessed back in 2012 before the culling atrocity began that we’d be checking badger latrines so anxiously.  What madness has this Tory Government unleashed … answers on a tiny postcard please.  Expletives welcome.