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BREAKING!Two new badger cull zones have been announced for Somerset.  The minimum kill target for these two new zones is 2,177 and the maximum has been set at 2,953.  

This is in addition to the targets for the original West Somerset badger cull zone that has been given a five-year supplementary licence.

This means that up to 3,563 Somerset badgers could be killed between now and 31 January.  In previous years, culls ran for a maximum of six weeks. Changes to the licences mean culling periods will now end simply when the maximum number of badgers have been killed or when 31 January is reached, whichever is soonest.

For us that means we could be facing many months of continuous culling.  However, many of us are actually out in the zones year round, checking on known setts and finding new ones and generally keeping an eye out for illegal badger persecution and other wildlife crime.

Sadly there will now be 21 zones in operation.  You can read the letters of authorisation and view the licences for the 19 zones (excluding the original West Somerset and West Gloucestershire zones) here.

But we remain undeterred, we’re growing in number and we continue to stand up for badgers, conservation and science.

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The badger cull is now confirmed to be continuing in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire until at least 2022.  The targets for Year 5 for West Somerset have been set as a minimum of 140 and a maximum of 610.  We still await confirmation as to whether any new zones within Somerset are to be run.

You can read the letters of authorisation and view the licences here.

More than ever our badgers need boots on the ground.  Please contact us if you’d like to get involved.