Badgers, Bovine TB and the UK General Election

The article below comes from Badgergate. The article publishes a full letter sent by Dr Chris Cheeseman who is a badger ecologist and former government adviser to the Stroud News and Journal. An abridged version was published in the paper.

Dear Sir or Madam:

The science underlying the topic of badgers and bovine TB is highly complex. This has led to information being deviously manipulated by those who want to cull badgers, whereupon they seize on scraps of data to misrepresent in support of culling while ignoring the overwhelming evidence against it. As such it has descended into a propaganda exercise by the National Farmers Union to win support for culling and distract attention from the real problem.

The truth is that the persistence of TB in cattle is largely due to the continuing spread of the disease among the cattle themselves. Scientists at Imperial College London estimate that less than 6% of cattle TB outbreaks are due directly to badgers.

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