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We’ve all seen ‘dead’ badgers by the side of the road but have you ever stopped to consider whether it is actually dead or not?

Occasionally badgers are not dead but simply injured and although many can’t be saved, some can and have been. A badger by the side of the road in late winter through to early summer could also be a female with young cubs underground who could starve to death without their mother.

If you see a badger in or near a road and it is safe to do so, please stop and check. Only do this if it’s safe to do so.  Your safety should always take priority.

Regardless of whether the badger is dead or alive, please call Somerset Badger Group on 07850 604585 or Devon Badger Group on 07710 971988. These helplines will talk you through what to do and will ask for relevant information.

The groups will ask for your location so it’s worthwhile downloading a grid reference app for your smartphone if possible.  As well as offering advice and support, badger groups use the data to build up a picture of the badger population in the area.

You can use these telephone numbers for any badger emergency e.g. shot, injured or sick badgers.

If you’re not local to Somerset and Devon please take a minute to find out the contact details for your local badger group or wildlife rescue.

You can also contact Secret World Wildlife Rescue, 24 hours a day on 01278 783250.  Secret World can help with any wildlife casualty not just badgers.

Although this information from Somerset Badger Group relates specifically to badgers, the advice is equally relevant to any other animal casualty.  For an animal that is still alive you may literally be the difference between life and death.

Save these telephone numbers to your mobile now and you could help to save an animal’s life.