Defra’s consultation on changing badger cull licence conditions

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On 28 August 2015, the same day DEFRA announced that it would be continuing the badger culls, as well as extending them to Dorset, it made another and more worrying announcement.

The Government has come now up with a cunning plan (or guidance notes from DEFRA) in order to make it easier for the farming industry to cull badgers. In this way they can facilitate a badger cull roll-out across the country and make it more difficult for people to monitor or protect the badgers.

The deadline is 25th September and the ONLINE SURVEY takes just a few minutes to complete. Our badgers need you to complete the form so Defra is inundated with a wave of popular opinion against their proposals.

There are three main proposals

1. Increasing the length of the cull from six weeks
2. Reducing minimum size of the cull area from 150sq kms – 100sq kms
3. Reducing the minimum percentage of land required

In order to understand the issues involved, the Wildlife Trusts, Badger Trust & ZSL have made their responses public, but it’s important for you to use your own words. And, be careful. Much as you’d like to, don’t use the consultation as a platform to air your views against the policy in general otherwise your views won’t count.

PLEASE take the time to respond to Defra’s consultation. Below are all the links you will need.

Link to public consultation:

Link to the online survey:

Link to the Wildlife Trusts open response:

Link to the Badger Trust open response:

Link to the ZSL open response:

Click here to read Somerset Against The Badger Cull’s response