What do I need to take when badger patrolling

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What do I need to take when badger patrolling?

We’re thrilled that you’re planning to walk with Somerset Badger Patrol in the cull zone. Please be assured that the safety of our groups is of paramount importance to us.  Patrolling is more fun and effective when you set out prepared for your day or night out.

Essentials —

  • A good pair of walking boots or shoes
  • Hi viz vest, jacket or similar
  • Torch — you are likely to be walking in unlit areas if night patrolling
  • Whistle — in case of emergencies

Items that will make life more comfortable —

  • Waterproof clothing if rain is forecast
  • A hot or cold drink
  • Tissues and hand gel
  • A snack if you’re likely to be out for a long time
  • A simple ziplock bag such as a freezer bag can be useful for keeping mobiles dry in your bag or pocket
  • Handwarmers are great in cold weather
  • A piece of an old shower curtain can give you a dry surface to sit on in wet conditions
  • A small first aid kit in case of cuts or scratches
  • Insect repellent in warm weather

If possible please bring —

  • Map — OL9, 128 or 140 (or relevant map tiles) dependent on zone (one is required per group)
  • Mobile phone (one is required per group)
  • Camera or camcorder (one is required per group)

If you’ve never patrolled before, our easy to read guide will tell you what you need to know.

Patrolling document/presentation