Get involved with Somerset Badger Patrol

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There are so many ways that you can get involved with Somerset Badger Patrol to help save your local badgers, and they don’t all involve being out in the field.  Scroll down to see various ways to help.

Although this page is specific to Somerset, all the groups will need the same type of help and support.  If you’re outside of Somerset, check out the Badger Action Network website for the contact details of existing groups.  If there’s not a local group in your area, why not consider setting one up?  It’s not as difficult as you may imagine and Badger Action Network has a page dedicated to doing just that.

If you’d like to get involved, just drop us a line.


Year round

  • Join our mailing list.  This will keep you up to date with what’s happening and we can let you know about events that you might like to get involved with.
  • Come and sett survey with us. We can only help the badgers if we know where they are. You don’t need experience, just enthusiasm!  If you’ve never done it before, our handy guide will answer many questions for new people and offer some great hints and tips for even the most experienced.
  • Get writing! Contact your local MP or write to relevant government ministers, write to your local newspaper and reply to articles about the badger cull. Sign online petitions.
  • Help with leaflet distribution and running recruitment and information stalls is always welcomed.
  • Help to fund us either directly via the donation link at the top right-hand side of any page on our website, or through fundraising. We always need maps, torches, fuel and more.
  • Attend public meetings.  These will give you lots of information and you’ll have a great opportunity to speak with group members.
  • Share social media posts with badger friendly family, friends and groups.  This is an easy way to help raise awareness.
  • Join a peaceful protest march.  These will usually be advertised on Facebook and via our newsletter. These are informative, family-friendly events that have been properly planned, and in almost all cases Police Liaison Officers will be in attendance.

Cull specific

  • Join Somerset Badger Patrol ‘walking the walk’ in the cull zone. For those unable to join in patrols, we also need drivers, junction monitors and help in other supporting roles.
  • Help to accommodate people travelling to the cull zone from outside the area. Do you have a spare room or two, some floor space, a sofa or space in your garden for a tent? This can help to get people out protecting badgers.

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