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South and West Badger Protectors Newsletter - March 2020. This month we look at Coronavirus, the latest government advice and how it's affecting what we're able to do. Sign up to receive your own monthly copy at eepurl.com/dtfBxn - mailchi.mp/cd81eebda085/mar20 ... See MoreSee Less

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In the midst of coronavirus panic, the Government has finally managed to slip out the badger cull numbers for last year's cull.

In Somerset at least 2,014 badgers were killed in three zones. However the figure will be higher. Some of the zones (eg Devon, Dorset, maybe Wiltshire & Avon) will stretch across the county borders to include parts of Somerset so the figures for these zones will also include Somerset badgers. The supplementary cull figures haven't been released for the original cull zone in West Somerset so the final figure may well reach well over 2,500 badgers.

One of the Somerset zones (Area 30) was given another 1.5 days on top of the initial 42 days for some reason yet to be understood. Monitoring of free-shooting has dropped to a derisory level so only 149 free-shooting events were observed out of a staggering 24,397.
Remember back in May 2015, the British Veterinary Association withdrew support for free-shooting since it had been found to be inhumane. However it's cheaper and easier than setting cages so the farming industry and Government has ignored this uncomfortable truth. So at least 1,802 Somerset badgers (out of the 2,014) were killed by free-shooting.

Using the Government's figures, that means some 200 badgers in Somerset may have experienced marked pain and unbearable stress, panic and tried to crawl back to their sett to reach safety.

However, there are areas within Somerset that have not been subjected to the badger cull and, even in cull zones there are still badgers left. As the farming industry and Government knows, we are here to stay. We will protect badgers 'til the end of time!
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35,034 more unnecessary deaths.Figures just in from last years cull, total killed 35,034. (edited to include supplementary zones)

Only 9 of the 40 cull zones listed managed to complete the cull in 6 weeks, the rest all took longer.
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We live in turbulent times and, though experts had warned governments for years to prepare for a global pandemic, they had been ignored.
So where can we find a glint of a silver lining in this treacherous storm cloud? Our daily dose of local nature ... and badgers, too of course.

For those who cannot get out for a variety of reasons, we'll try to share some of the beauty that lies on our doorsteps. Too often ignored but now, through its resilience and resurgence, giving us all hope.

When this finally passes, let's redouble our efforts to make room for wildlife and every kind of habitat - wetland, scruffy field margins, wild hedgerows and ancient woods for that is where the wild things are.

Standing up for badgers, conservation & science since 2013.
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A reminder on social distancing if you go out sett-surveying etc from STC.To be clear we encourage social distancing AND sett surveying for as long as advice is that going out into the countryside is ok. We would advice people to follow any and all bio security advice given out by the government.

We will also make use of covid regulations, in that if we hear about any gathering of farmers, we will install hidden cameras where we can and we will use telephoto lenses to film them from far away. We will NOT go in as we have previously into livestock markets and film in person as we will be strictly following social distancing guidelines ourselves.

We encourage everyone to contact Badger Action Network to find out how they can help with sett surveying and we would also ask people to send us in any ideas on any online campaigns we could encourage (other than petitions)

On a very morbid but important note, if like some of our older members and those with high blood pressure or diabetes who are in the high risk group and you are in the process of writing your will, please consider the Hunt Saboteurs Association. They have no waged staff and the money they get coming in they hand out to local groups in the form of grants to help them stay on the road.

The future of humanity will hopefully become more compassionate towards animals and each other, but no doubt they'll always be some people who have a sadistic streak or are prepared to make money from animals, those people shouldn't be thinking we are going away.

We will continue in whatever way we can to stop the badger cull's, until the last shot is fired.
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