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We often get people contacting us once the badger cull has started in the Autumn, but the best time to contact us is January/February onwards. Particularly the Winter months, when sett-surveying is much easier to do (though the weather isn’t always agreeable!)

We can spend the time during these months to help train people to show them how to find your local setts - so when the badger cull comes you will be able to monitor them. Also to monitor for persecution.

It will be down to you to protect your local badgers in 2020, but we can teach you how.

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Something positive for a change this #badgermonday

A reminder that this weekend here in Somerset will be the 2nd Secret World Caring for British Wildlife Conference. Held in Highbridge at the Oaktree Arena. Tickets are still available. On Saturday the focus will be on making a difference in conservation - which is something ALL of us can do and we must do.

Tickets available on SWWR website
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We talk A LOT about pheasants. Mostly because we come across a lot of them here in Somerset. Game farms are one thing but release pens, they are the scourge of our countryside. They are EVERYWHERE and where they are, everything is shot, snared or trapped. We wish Wild Justice luck when they challenge these mass releases.

Please whatever you do, don’t look at this link or share it.The shooting season ended on February 1st, the next phase of the year now begins for the industry: Breeding.

Pheasants and partridges across many locations are now being rounded up, caught and put into small pens or cages to be forcibly bred from, they are unlikely to ever escape, with only small % being sold as "ex layers" to shoots for next to nothing.

Last year something changed, multiple farms were raided and pheasants and partridges that were "breeding stock" were released, many of the birds may well have only survived for short time, possibly only hours. Who can say what those precious minutes/hours/days/weeks of freedom meant to the previously caged birds?

The Countryside Alliance was not happy and emailed all of it's members to pull a post from here on Stop the Cull, they won and the post was pulled, but at the same time, they lost, they had drawn attention to exactly how scared and insecure the industry is.
Defending battery cages for wild birds isn't easy to defend.

We ask you, please do not go to our innocentbadger.com website and look at the top news article, and if you do accidentally look at it, please don't share the link as that would upset the Countryside Alliance.

The map now covers much of Europe with hundreds of new farms across the continent added to the map in just the last few weeks, please don't tell anyone...

If you'd like to support us continue our fight against cruelty please consider buying us a cup of coffee:
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Muddy feet.
Keeping watch over setts at the weekend.
Luckily Storm Dennis kept many hunts in, but some did go out and so setts needed checking. Thanks to this team for doing just that and sending us a photo.
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