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Percy is a Somerset badger.  He and his family had lived happily in some beautiful Somerset woodland for centuries.

But his world changed when the heinous, immoral, unscientific and unnecessary badger cull started.

Cullers wiped his family out, leaving Percy as the only survivor.  Despite this awful experience, Percy knows that some humans are friends to badgers.

The Government wants to keep information about the cull secret and quiet, but Percy, armed with a deep determination to stop his fellow badgers being killed in their thousands, is here to tell it like it is.

Joining forces with some friendly human companions, Percy will pop up here, there and everywhere to get the truth out.

First, he will try his luck on the flamboyant festival circuit so watch out for Percy Q’Ted coming to your space!


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Everyone knows that badgers like beetles, however Percy prefers singing along to The Beatles. At least he did until he heard that Sir Paul McCartney, animal advocate, had accepted an invitation to headline at Glastonbury next year. Sir Paul is well aware of Michael Eavis's position on the badger cull, having consulted with Brian May prior to accepting the opportunity. Percy is sorely disappointed and so has penned a little ditty to former idol, Sir Paul in the hope that it reaches him and makes him reconsider. #boycottglastonbury #badgeronamission ... See MoreSee Less

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Following his letter to Ian Liddell-Grainger, MP for Bridgwater & West Somerset, Percy and friends took to the streets yesterday to let all parties know that badgers have friends, and those friends have votes.

Percy was delighted to meet with candidates and representatives from Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens. Keeping with current form, there was no official show from the Conservatives. However one Tory rep briefly showed his face when he ran out from the Conservative constituency office to STEAL Percy’s banners which were on the public path outside! The man, who we believe to be Jonathan Fraser-Howells, called 999 and an emergency response team was sent out. No action was taken regarding the Tory reps complaints (whatever they may have been?!) however they did ensure that he returned our stolen property.

You can take our banners but you cannot take our freedom to protest!

You know what to do on 12 December..

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