You’ll never walk alone – the highs and lows of badger patrolling against the cull

Last Updated on 25 February 2017 by Badger

If you love wildlife and enjoy country walks, you’ve got the makings of a badger patroller, writes Lesley Docksey. You can walk at night if you want to, but daytime observation on country lanes and footpaths is no less important, watching out for the signs of cullers at work. And with the trust and warm friendship that builds among badger patrollers, you’ll never be without congenial company.

With the prospect of yet more areas being opened up to the cruel and unscientific badger culls this year, badger groups are wondering how they can encourage more people to come out on patrol during the culls.

The many thousands of people who support badgers, do the marches and sign petitions, does not translate into thousands of ‘boots on the ground’. Why?

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