Of badgers and hedgehogs

Last Updated on 25 November 2018 by Badger

It is true that badgers can and do predate on hedgehogs.  But they also eat a wide range of other smaller mammals and amphibians.

So to suggest that badgers are the cause of hedgehog decline in the UK is completely wrong.

There are many reasons for the decline of the hedgehog in the UK.  Consequently, the majority of hedgehog societies and ecologist don’t believe the often repeated claim that ‘badgers are eating all the hedgehogs.

Hugh Warwick is a well-known and widely respected expert on hedgehogs.  Author and ecologist Hugh, strongly disagrees that badgers are to blame for the decline of hedgehogs.

Find out what he believes are the real reasons.

Hugh also has a petition running to help save Britain’s hedgehogs with hedgehog highways.

You can support the petition here.