Badger patrolling – what it is and why its important

Last Updated on 15 June 2019 by Badger

Patrolling document/presentation

You may be asking yourself ‘what is badger patrolling?’  Well. if you’ve never been on a badger patrol, chances are you won’t have ever done anything like it and so may be unsure about what to expect.

First, it’s important to know that they’re completely legal. Some groups will have Police liaison at the meeting points. We walk along public footpaths, bridleways, roads and so on. Routes are planned to help protect, but not to disturb badgers.

The purpose is to be a visible presence and to exercise our democratic right to show our opposition to the badger culling policy. It’s a peaceful form of protest; we don’t intimidate or harass anyone and we do nothing illegal.

We’re simply there to help to protect badgers (and sometimes other wildlife). Since cull contractors are not allowed to shoot at free roaming badgers while there are people in the area, simply being in a public place, close to badgers at risk, can be enough to save their lives.

It also gives us an opportunity to ensure that culling is being carried out in accordance with the cull licence. Illegal badger culling and persecution has been discovered and passed on to the Police for investigation.

Patrolling is also very sociable as you’ll meet so many like-minded others and make many great new friendships.

To learn more, check out our easy to read booklet, and email us if you’d like to get involved.