Percy Q’Ted Badger delivers a letter to Natural England

Last Updated on 19 August 2019 by Badger

Earlier this month Percy Q’Ted Badger and his human companions accepted and undertook a very important mission.

Percy had written a letter to Natural England, the organisation that issues the badger cull licences.  The letter had been signed by people visiting Somerset Against The Badger Cull’s stalls at local vegan fairs, and at a demonstration in Bristol, 230 more had signed it in just one day!

The letter was delivered later in the day to Natural England’s offices.  Although Percy wasn’t allowed into the building, the letter was handed to security at Horizon House.  It’s from this very building that a team of assessors make decisions on the ‘expressions of interest’ received and issue the cull licences.

Read Percy’s letter to Natural England here.