Reporting blocked footpaths

Last Updated on 2 September 2019 by Badger

When you’re out sett surveying or patrolling, you may run into issues with public rights of way.  If you did, would you know how to go about reporting blocked footpaths, locked gates, rampant overgrowth or missing signs?

It’s an easy process, but you must collect as much information as you can and report it to either Ramblers or the relevant local council.


For smartphone owners, the Pathwatch app from Ramblers is well worth a download.  It will allow you to report any issues, along with photographs and location details to Ramblers.

Ramblers will pass the information on to the relevant local authorities.

If you’re not using the Pathwatch app, you can use either the online version of Pathwatch or report to your local authority.

Try to get an accurate grid reference and take photographs.  If you’re out surveying, you should already have a grid reference app and camera with you.

Look for identification numbers on finger posts as these will help your local council identify the right of way that you are referring to.

If you’re reporting to your local council, you’ll find that each has a ‘definitive’ map that shows all public rights of way across its area.  You will also be able to see already reported problems that are being looked into.

The relevant Public Rights of Way links for the counties in our region are:

Cornwall Council  Devon County Council  Somerset County Council  Gloucestershire County Council  Herefordshire Council  Worcestershire County Council

If you’re unsure of who can use the various types of rights of way, check out our handy guide.