Badger cull data

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Badger Cull data figures to 2019.

As in previous years, Somerset Against The Badger Cull has looked at the 2019 badger cull data and produced both an analysis both of the last cull, and a comparison with years’ data.

You can either view the document as a flipbook or download the PDF.

Badgers culled by area 2019    Free shooting vs cage trapping 2019

Summary of 2019 badger control operations   The outcome of supplementary badger control 2019

The data contained in this file is much more than can be seen below.  You can choose to view between 1 and all data rows by clicking the down arrow in the show entries box.

It is therefore recommended that you click the Excel or CSV icon to save a copy of this data in the requested format so that you can filter the data however you choose.

The data is taken from the official Government figures that are issued each year.

You can filter by area using the search box and using terms such as Somerset, Cheshire etc.  If you wish to filter by year enter the year in the format 2.019

Badger cull data file

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