Blog from the badger cull front line – post 13

Last Updated on 23 September 2020 by Badger


In all truthfulness, the last week or so has been a blur of deep anxiety and numbing worry that I have barely been able to think, let alone write, anything positive. I know many people feel the same.

Those of us who understand biodiversity is in freefall worldwide cannot fathom why the Government and National Farmers’ Union (NFU) are intent on eradicating English badgers for absolutely no good reason.

Thankfully our garden badgers are still safe but it felt like hubris to say so.

And then today I spotted something that I felt was a perfect analogy for everything to do with the badger cull. On a busy road, tucked away in a small garden was a life and death struggle unseen by most. A large white butterfly caught in a web struggling to get free whilst a big spider was frantically trying to subdue it before it broke free. I watched for a few seconds wondering what would happen next. The struggle continued.

Cars and lorries sped past. Suddenly it seemed to me that those of us that care deeply about badgers, wildlife and biodiversity are like the butterfly, caught in a sticky tangled web woven by the Government and NFU and we are desperate to break free. Others, who aren’t aware or don’t care, like the traffic on the busy road, carry on with their lives heedlessly.

Writing this blog is my tiny part in the struggle to break free from the lies spun by the Government and NFU that killing badgers will be the golden ticket to sorting out bovine TB.

So here are pictures of the garden badgers in all their glory.

And, truly, absolutely everyone can do something. You just have to find your own path. Badgers need all of us more than ever before.