Blog from the badger cull front line – post 2

Last Updated on 5 September 2020 by Badger



The sky is bright with moonstruck clouds and the wind is still. The footpath is striped with long charcoal shadows and, un-seen, out in the fields close by badgers are hoovering up worms or beetles.

It’s such a wonderful time of year for them. After the hardships of late spring when streams ran dry and the earth was baked hard, it’s a season of plenty. And badgers have a wonderful catholic taste ranging from

haws to craneflies. A friend has even seen badgers climb up hedges to lie spread-eagled on top and, like kids let loose in sweetshops, enjoy a feast of hard-to-reach blackberries. Perhaps they were cubs enjoying their first taste of independence. They’d certainly be less weighty than their parents.

The first birds start to sing but today the sound doesn’t fill me with joy. Today could be the first day that licenced shooters and cage-trappers are out trying to kill the badgers in my neighbourhood. What if there are cages nearby? Have they already started to shoot badgers in the traps. Unwanted, unbidden, the footage from Cumbria of the shooters standing by joking as the badger jerked and trembled in its death throes fills my mind. Did the official killing start at midnight or will it start at noon?

Questions. Questions. My best guess is that it was midnight and that the killing has begun. So now I am returning home, hoping that I’ll find pictures in the trail cameras showing badgers in our garden feeding peacefully as normal