Blog from the badger cull front line – post 4

Last Updated on 5 September 2020 by Badger


Last night, I took my courage in my hands and stayed up to watch the badgers pottering around the garden.

It was a bitter sweet experience. It’s such a privilege to live somewhere that badgers use as part of their foraging grounds. But seeing them in real life brings you so much more emotionally close.

And I however hard I try to protect them their ultimate fate is out of my hands. Right now, it lies with a Government whose track record is exceedingly dismal where badgers are concerned.

Yet even without the badger cull some people nurse an almost sociopathic hatred for badgers. Others view them simply as a commodity to use and abuse. Not far away from our house is the remains of a sett dug out by people years ago.

At some point, people invested a lot of energy digging down deep into the badgers’ home and, even now, the sheer walls that remain are testament to the brutality of what happened there.

On a cool, grey day this is a sad and dismal place. To shake off the doldrums, I visit the sett on the other side of the stream. Big red spoil heaps show the badgers have been busy sorting out their home after the recent rain. And my heart lifts once again.