Blog from the badger cull front line – post 7

Last Updated on 9 September 2020 by Badger



I can’t believe it’s been a week since I started writing about the threat facing my garden badgers and yet there’s still no clarity from Defra or Natural England about whether there is a licence in place or not.

It’s no surprise, of course.   Just discombobulating.
I have settled into a wary and tense routine of downloading the footage from the night before and summoning up my courage to look at the images.

Last night I saw four badgers all together.

And looking at footage from a couple of weeks ago, I think there’s another two that come regularly as well.

Have thought for a while that these two may come from further afield so this morning I went to check around these setts plus my daily trip to the closest sett.

All seemed well with nothing out of the ordinary and I’ve decided to fit all three into my normal routine.

When I’m walking the dogs at night before going to bed, my ears strain for the slightest suspicious noise.   Sometimes I wonder who would be most startled if I bumped into a cull operative on the footpath.

I like to think it would be him or her because I’m expectant and on guard all the time.