Blog from the badger cull front line – post 9

Last Updated on 9 September 2020 by Badger


My anger from the Government lies and spin carried by the media on the badger cull licences hasn’t cooled overnight.

Adding fuel to the flames, a friend from West Somerset’s original cull zone has been in touch several times to write about how there are so few badgers left there.

She should know.   She’s lived there all her life and knows how to find badgers, their tracks and their signs better than anyone.

For 30 years, badgers have been coming into her garden to feast on apples, dig for beetle larvae and generally have a fun time.

Not any more.   Not for five years.

Our garden badgers turned up last night once again.   Thank the lords.   How can one make the most of them? It’s a thought that tortures me now.   I’ve taken them for granted for too long but not any more.

Each evening they come is a blessing.   And the food we put out is a token replacement for all the food that so many badgers, hedgehogs and native birds have lost.

With large scale use of pesticides killing off uncountable numbers of worms and with 50 million pheasants released every year hoovering up invertebrates combined with the loss of hedgerow habitat, it’s a wonder we have any wildlife left.

And the species that do well in our fragmented world are labelled ‘vermin’ and treated with contempt by a minority who are far too powerful in this world of secret deals and cronyism.

May the world change, and change soon.