Blog from the badger cull front line – post 15

Last Updated on 11 October 2020 by Badger


“Badgers deserve better than this” is a mantra that’s going round and round in my brain.  Yet, thankfully and despite the odds, our badgers are still coming to the garden every night.  But I know, in parts of Somerset, some people haven’t seen their badgers for several nights and are sad beyond words.

The machinery used at night to flail hedges to within an inch of their lives, the fields sprayed with herbicide rendering precious soil a wasteland and livestock kept overwinter in sheds up to their knees or bellies in their own excrement.  Millions of cattle movements take place in England every year and thousands from High Risk Areas to Low Risk Areas.

Exacerbated by an inadequate testing system, bovine TB is, overwhelmingly, passed on from cow to cow.  Yet the farming groups, like the National Farmers Union, keep their focus fixed on badgers.  And we have the brutal badger cull expanding year on year.  It is impossible to forgive them.

Tolkein’s vision of the land of Mordor in Lord of the Rings can be seen as a vision of industrial environmental degradation.  Now when I see spokespeople of the NFU talking about the ‘need’ to cull badgers, I visualise them as the eye of Sauron.

Yet a few heroic non-participating landowners are withstanding its terrible gaze in an effort to keep our badgers safe. So, maybe, the best hope for our badgers’ future is to find the non-participating landowners and support them with all our might. So, most definitely, ask before you shop so you can support the heroes.