Blog from the badger cull front line – post 18

Last Updated on 11 October 2020 by Badger


I am over the moon to share some amazing news! Thankfully, the trail camera revealed that two badgers turned up in our garden last night – though one didn’t stay long.   I can’t put into words how my partner and I feel.

Relief, for sure.   But, in a bitter cocktail, there’s also a niggling worry.

We still don’t know if all the garden badgers are alive or safe.   We have no idea why they stopped coming so suddenly? Has one or some been shot? Or has their behaviour just suddenly changed?

One thing is certain, we’ll be out tonight into the wee small hours tonight to see if we can find any trace of a shooter or cage trapper.

The feelings we’ve gone through in the last couple of days have changed us.   We are now determined to find out what’s going on in our neighbourhood.   We’ve had enough of the secrecy.

Today we’re going to take our courage in both hands and go to the local landowners to ask if they’ve signed up to the cull or not.   We cannot live with the uncertainty any more.

Surely the farming groups depend upon the lack of clarity and transparency to roll out the cull? And this spineless Government is complicit in one of the most divisive policies imaginable.

Successive governments here are well known for telling other countries how to look after their native wildlife; and less keen on showing them the way.   It’s a form of emotional blackmail.   Do as we say; don’t do as we do.

And, as Prince William and David Attenborough urge us to halt the decimation of our wildlife populations, what has this Government done?

Rolled out a programme of eradication of a native species that, every day, sends out the worst conservation message ever.

So keep your fingers tightly crossed for us.