Simple ways to help badgers

4 September 2020 Badger 0
Appalled by the badger cull?  We have some simple ways to help badgers  Get out and about Choose a circular route that you’re familiar with and […]

May 2020 consultation

22 June 2020 Badger 0
In May 2020, the government launched a public consultation on proposals to manage the delivery of both badger vaccination and culling in counties in the […]

Badgers and dehydration

29 May 2020 Badger 0
Badgers and dehydration   Warm and dry weather is brilliant for us, but can be a death sentence for wildlife.  It’s particularly hard on the […]

Tick advice

25 May 2020 Badger 0
Tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM!  It’s great when spring is here and the weather is warming up.  It makes sett surveying and monitoring a much […]

Badger cull data

5 April 2020 Badger 0
Badger Cull data figures to 2019. As in previous years, Somerset Against The Badger Cull has looked at the 2019 badger cull data and produced […]

Winter sett surveying

8 January 2020 Badger 0
Sett surveying in warm weather is fantastic.  Meeting up with friends, enjoying the great outdoors and getting some exercise while doing something really worthwhile.  What […]

Of badgers and hedgehogs

22 October 2018 Badger 0
It is true that badgers can and do predate on hedgehogs.  But they also eat a wide range of other smaller mammals and amphibians. So to […]

bTB in slurry

14 November 2017 Badger 0
For many years, badger protectors have been wondering about the potential of spreading bTB in slurry.  This Farming Today programme seems to confirm our fears […]

Saving Somerset’s Badgers, again!

31 July 2016 Badger 0
Somerset Badger Patrol: Summer Raffle to raise funds for effective patrols during Badger Cull 2016 Somerset Badger Patrol will be up and running whenever […]